Emma Byrnes is a lifestyle photographer with an interest in portraiture, interiors, textiles, landscape and food.
She works between Melbourne and Sydney for both national and international clients.

 Emma also runs:
 - a visual strategy and brand innovation agency called Heartland Projects. 
-  a travel blog called Lifestyle Traveller with her journalist husband, Peter Barrett. 

+61 432 685 375

Follow Emma on Instagram and Tumblr. 

 Australian and international publications Emma's work has featured in:

- Jetstar magazine
- Peppermint
- PIP Magazine
- The AGE
- Sydney Morning Herald
- Green Magazine
- Sanctuary Magazine
- Toyota Magazine
- Traveller
- Knit Wit Magazine
- Extra Curricular

Brands, people and organisations that Emma has photographed for:

- Brave New Eco
- Sweet Polka
- Pop Craft
- Clara Vuletich
- Queen Victoria Market
- Toyota
- Drawing Room Architecture
- Spacecraft Studio
- Tea & Sympathy
- Farside
- The Organic Tea Project
- Seaford Markets
- Dax Centre
- Qi Rhythm
- Ten Tree Garden Makers
- Old School New School
- Harvest Foodstore
- The Assembly Rooms
- Sarah Tomasetti
- Emma Greenwood
- Merilee Bennett
- Megan Norgate
- Fair Share Fare
- Made in Japan
- The Craft Sessions

Please respect copyright and email if you would like to use or reproduce any photographs featured here.